Eat Play Love – 52 Date Night Ideas


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Romantic Couples Games, Questions and Activities for Strong Relationship

To express the fondest love to your partner you don’t need to take him or her on a seaside trip, invest in buying cars or jewelry. Love is based on small casual signs of affection, on taking sincere care of each other, on devotion and attention. Here you can find 52 simple tasks for romantic couples that will emphasize and invigorate your love.

Fun, creative, and spiritually engaging – there are no ordinary dates! Have you ever tried a photography date? A water date? What about a second first date?

Eat Play Love – 52 Date Night Ideas is a new type of leisure activity where 2 adult players can productively spend time together with pleasure.

There are 52 tasks in total for a whole year, and you are to perform one per week. The tasks compiled by a licensed psychologist. Each date will set the scene for you and walk you through making it happen. Learn how to practically speak each other’s love language, incorporate prayer in ways that are natural and relevant to real life, and finish strong with questions that help keep the conversation alive.

You can be sure you have not tried anything like this before!


The Couple’s Bucket List

Different categories of things to do. Our cards are full of adventures that adults would want to do. Recommend for anyone who wants to have new creative dating ideas for long-distance relationships!

Increase Your Happiness

Spice up the time with your partner and strengthen your relationship while having fun! There are some wonderful cards to connect you, some fun cards to promote subtle intimacy, and some that are just hilarious that stretch your boundaries.

Inspired by Couples Psychologist

This card game will share with you new, funny, and sometimes unusual forms of interaction. It will help to reveal new facets of relationships and will be a source of many mutual experiences throughout the entire year. It will also contribute to harmonizing relationships and will make them deeper and even more romantic.

Couples Who Make Time For Each Other, Stay Together

Our tasks kit will give you moments of joy and bring more romance to your relationship. Help you to talk about important issues, get to know each other closer and deeper, look at your partner in a new way, and discover more positive qualities in his or her personality.

Perfect Gift

for your girlfriend or wife, boyfriend or husband, newlyweds, engaged or married couples on multiple occasions: Anniversary, Wedding, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday, etc.

Now pull out the task together! It can turn out to be simple and funny, thought-provoking, and require you to be honest with yourself, or call you to a new adventure. But in any case, you will have a transformative experience.

5 reviews for Eat Play Love – 52 Date Night Ideas

  1. L. Avramenko

    I was looking for a gift for a friend who is struggling in her relationship and her marriage. They seem like a really good collection of ideas, nothing too crazy, but insightful and easy to implement. After I received it, I decided that I would like to get a copy for myself to. It eliminates the need to think about what to do next week and makes dates super easy. Most of the ideas can be done at home and don’t require anything special. They just help connect with those who are most important to us. I really like this product

  2. Andre Taylor

    Awesome way to spice up date night. Brought excitement back after 20 years of marriage. Love it!!

  3. H.Morris

    These are fun ideas for date nights. The cards are a good thickness and a great value for the price. Good product for when you run out of ideas.

  4. Stacy

    Really cute. I got this for my boyfriend and we plan to do them soon. I love the Russian pin that came with it. Awesome bag!

  5. Colby Geoffroy

    Great ideas paired with lovely pictures and comes with a nice bag to keep them in!

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